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In 1998, we expanded our product line to include residential dumbwaiters. Efficient, quiet and dependable, a residential dumbwaiter offers today's homeowner a cost-efficient alternative when space and budget constraints prohibit the installation of an elevator.

A dumbwaiter from Elevator Concepts is highly adaptable during a home remodeling project or easily incorporated into the construction of new multi-level residence.

Affordable, Dependable and Versatile

Designed to carry maximum loads of 200 lbs, and travel up to 35 feet, the pre-engineered RD-2 offers convenience previously associated only with luxury homes. The RD-4 is designed for applications where larger car sizes or capacities are required. ORDER FORM PDF (new 3/20/06)

Easy to Install

Each dumbwaiter comes complete with formed rails, fully finished melamine car with removable shelf, and easy to install drive mechanism. All necessary wiring material, fasteners and easy-to-follow installation manual are included.

The motor, gearbox and brake are a single unit, factory mounted to a frame that installs at the base of the dumbwaiter. All control equipment is commercial grade and the steel car frame is designed to accommodate minor variations in hoistway size. Under normal residential use, maintenance is generally not required.

Your investment with Elevator Concepts is protected with an one year limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Visit our online cost calculator or contact a Sales Representative today at (734) 246-4700 for current pricing.


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